Top Five Causes Of Low Female Libido

The female sex drive is not a static concept, but a fluid one. Almost 42% of the women’s population suffer from low or sometimes no sex drive. The main causes of low female libido can be related to physical, psychological or emotional aspects. Some of them are as follows:

Physical aspects:

Low sex drive in women can be caused by many physical disorders, especially those related to the vagina, uterus and mammary glands. Reasons like lack of lubrication in the vagina, multiple sclerosis, cystitis, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid related diseases and menopause are few of them. Also, behavioral reasons like alcohol, smoking and drug abuse contribute to the decreasing sex drive in women around the world. Many women have also shown dissatisfaction with their body image, which makes them feel uncomfortable in bed and reduces the satisfaction factor.

Environmental pressure:

Exhaustion- both mental and physical can be attributed as one of the causes of low female libido. Sometimes, their lifestyle and daily routine leaves them tired and mentally exhausted. Many of them have children and other strenuous responsibilities like work, which can take up their entire time and energy. Several women, who face the health problems caused by changing environmental factors every year also suffer from low sex drive. These problems like allergies, flu, etc., can hamper the daily sex life of a woman temporarily or even permanently.

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Relationship problems:

Relationship problems cause many women to lose their sexual interest and this is quite a common problem among women all over the world. Many of them claim that this happens due to their emotional or physical dissatisfaction in their relationships. This can be accounted to the issues of infidelity, lack of emotions, unfulfilling sexual performance of the partner, inability to climax, impotency, trust issues, painful intercourse, frigidity, etc. These causes of low female libido are very common amongst women of all ages, who lose the intimacy factor in their relationships.

Psychological factors:

Stress and depression are becoming the root cause of many diseases all over the world, including the loss of libido in women. It can be caused by issues and problems that one faces in life, but it can end up affecting many spheres of your life, such as sex life. Women who feel stressed and pessimistic due to the pressures of their lives are seen to have lower libido. Also, this feeling of stress and depression can be induced by several drugs (both medical and recreational) in a woman’s body as a side-effect. Women reaching menopause are also seen to show signs of withdrawal from their normal sexual behavior as a symptom.

Medicinal aspect:

Side- effects of many medicinal drugs can be one of the causes of low female libido. Drugs used for thyroid, diabetes, anti- depressants, high B.P., hypertension, contraceptive pills, sedatives, etc., can cause the sexual drive of a woman to hit rock bottom. It can also affect the female climaxing ability and make it harder for them to reach orgasm. These drugs not only cause temporary imbalance in the female libido, but also permanent damage.

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