Shots of Caffeine Can Boost Sex Levels in Women

Are you surprised that the solution was right under your nose and you failed to notice this? Well not many of us are aware of this fact. You might want to give this a shot especially if you experience low libido levels, which in turn is affecting your personal relationship with your partner.

Experiments on Rats Gave Positive Results

A study conducted by Fay Guarraci showed that female rats experienced a boost in their sex drive after they were injected with a shot of caffeine into their systems. Not all the females rats tested in this study ever had caffeine given to them.

The results of this study led Guarraci to believe that if this could work on female rats, it might just help women improve their sexual energy and stamina. This does not mean she advises all women to use caffeine as an aphrodisiac to boost their sex lives.

Many women drink coffee or caffeine aerated drinks on a daily basis, but still experience low libido issues. The reason of low libido levels might vary due to a variety of factors. This study might prove to be useful for women who intake low amounts of caffeine into their diet and do not suffer from sexual issues or disorders.

Understanding the Causes of Low Libido in Women

Suffering from low libido can be frustrating and depressing. It can cause a negative impact onto your relationship. This is the reason why you might need to understand why you experience low libido.

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Low libido can be cause to the below reasons:

  • Traumatic experiences in the past such as sexual abuse, mental trauma or bad relationships

  • Hectic work schedules

  • Stress, depression or performance anxiety

  • Body image

  • Medications or drugs

  • Sexual issues such as vaginal dryness or pain during intercourse

  • Age or menopause

    The best way to deal with issues of low libido is to talk it out with your problem. Feeling shy or awkward discussing such issues can hinder you sex life and can cause issues in your personal relationships.

Checking the Sexual Pattern in Rats

The main objective of the study conducted by Guarraci was to see how fast the female rates would rush to the male rats for another round of sex. In normal rats, the female would go back to the male after sometime and have some sexual interaction with them.

On the other hand, the caffeinated female rats would go faster when compared to the normal ones and would stay with the male until they were fully satisfied. The results showed that that the caffeinated rats would not waste time skittering in their cages. They would immediately sought out a male, have sex and return back. This just goes to show that these female rats were merely interested to have sex.

The caffeine doses injected into the female rats were based on their weight. Guarraci believes that using the same technique of women suffering from low libido level would equal to a grande latte in a coffee shop.

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