10 Keys To Unlock The Female Orgasm

A woman should know everything she can about getting pleased during sex because most women need long, intense and fun orgasm which they don’t get through penetration alone. Women often experience variations in their health conditions and need to experience more fun through sexual relationship with their partners.

In order to unlock the female orgasm, you should open yourself to your partner and let him enjoy the sexual relationship with you to the maximum. When you are trying to unlock your orgasm, please make sure your partner recognizes your advances, let him pay close attention to your body parts. Ignite the mood with lots of kissing, sensual massaging, neck nuzzling. You know you are ready for a healthy sexual intercourse through signs of breathing, hardened nipples and flushed skin. These are the 10 keys to unlock your orgasm:

  1. You should tell your partner to explore your vaginal areas both from the outside to inward direction he should be tender while going about this.

  2. When her level of excitement increases, the vaginal canal tissues around your criteria should be touched and played with.

  3. It is a good idea that you should wait until you are very aroused before allowing penetration. Never try to hurry him up when he touches the soft skin tissues of your vagina because vaginal tissues are so soft that they can be damaged due to negligence. The first inch to two inches part is considered to be the most sensitive part of a woman’s vagina. Therefore, you should be very careful during sexual intercourse.

  4. In order to have an excellent sexual relationship with your partner, it is best advised that you urinate before the intercourse. This will make you more confident without any misleading feeling.

  5. If he touches your clitoris before the intercourse and during the intercourse and you are feeling the pleasure that he has located your g-spot with his fingers, there is a great chance that you will experience deep vaginal orgasm when his penis is inside you.

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  6. You can successfully unlock your orgasm by getting your imagination and desires about healthy intercourse enhanced. The key is to involve your brain while having intercourse. The human brain is considered to be the biggest sexual organ in the human body and you should fully involve it in the sexual process.

  7. In order to have an enjoyable sexual experience and a successful orgasm, you and your partner should have complete affection and respect for each other. Never be forced or pressured to do something neither of you feel comfortable doing. True love and affection are highly essential to open all the doors with your loved one.

  8. To have a good sexual relationship with your partner and to successfully get your orgasm unlocked, you should make time to be well prepared for the great love making session.

  9. You can adopt different techniques and sexual climaxes and welcome different opinions on sexual styles.

  10. Talk with your partner before and during love making. Make him realize he has a duty to please you maximally. You decide when it’s over not him.

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