Woman And Low Libido: 10 Subtle Signs It Is Time To See The Doctor

Experiencing low libido is very common with women and it could badly damage their sexual desire. It is a condition that declines sexual desire in women and they face vaginal dryness when having sex with their partners. A woman with a good sexual life could suffer from low libido at any time and it would badly hurt her sexual relationship.

In most cases, women’s sexual desire ends due to their mental and physical illness and this will definitely hurt their relationship with their partners badly. There are many factors responsible for declination in women’s sex drive, the most common being stress, kids, physical injuries in women and their relationship issues with their partners.

When women start seeing any of these 10 signs, they must visit the doctor for further consultation to reduce complications. This is the time you need to critically examine your health.

  1. When you experience hormonal issues, your hormones will stop cooperating with each other and you will face difficulties in menopause, pregnancy and sexual relationship with your partner. Hormonal issues could lead to heavy bleeding and also results in low sex drive.

  2. Sudden mood changes, lack of concentration at work, sudden weight gains and low desire for sex show a woman needs medical help. When you encounter any of these difficult situations, you must consult your doctor to find solutions to your problems.

  3. When your vaginal discharge changes color to yellow, green or grey and shows abnormal odor, you must consult your doctor.

  4. Another sign is when you could perceive a foul smell in your vaginal discharge, this indicates bacterial infections in your body. Bacterial infections cause vaginal odor and certain irregularities.

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  5. When you feel skin itches, you must contact your doctor because allergic reactions to your body would badly damage the skin near the vaginal areas. You might have skin reactions to soaps, detergents, and feminine washes and this would make it difficult for you to stop itching and scratching your skin. All you need do at first is to find a gentle product that would help you in getting rid of these skin reactions.

  6. Vaginal dryness is another issue that must be addressed whenever it arises. Vaginal dryness is most common in middle aged women and you must give medical attention to this issue. It would cause pains and hormonal issues in your body and as a result, you feel low sexual desires.

  7. When you start experiencing vaginal bleeding, and the bleeding continues for a week, you are suffering from hormonal imbalances and must consult your doctor.

  8. Also, when you feel pain during sex, this must be addressed timely.

  9. Lack of sexual fantasies or imaginations. When you stop having thoughts of love making you need to pay your doctor a visit.

  10. The final sign is when you feel anxiety and depression whenever you are about to have sex with your partner. When going through such conditions, you must quickly consult your doctor and get enough medication to overcome conditions attempting to derail your sexual life.

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