5 Surprising Causes Of Yeast Infections

Also known as Candidiasis, Vaginal yeast infections are fairly common in women. Apparently, 75 percent of women experience a yeast infection at some point in their lives. Vaginal yeast infections are usually blamed on the fungus known as Candida Albicans. The common symptoms of yeast infections include unusual discharge, painful sex or urination, burning, as well as itching. A healthy vagina carries a steady level of good bacteria and yeast cells. Symptoms such as intense swelling, itching, and irritation are a common occurrence when the balance of these substances is disturbed, due to the multiplication of the yeast cells. Here, we establish five surprising habits or things that might destabilize the healthy balance of good bacteria and yeast.

Retained tampons

The failure to change your tampons as often as required can lead to yeast infections. Yeast thrives well in an environment with high moisture content. We all know how good tampons and pads are at keeping excess moisture around, and in turn, permitting the growth of yeast. Consider changing your pads or tampons as often as possible, as the weather gets warmer.

Consumption of antibiotics

Wait! What if I have an infection that requires the intake of antibiotics? What should I do? Antibiotics for treating strep throat, a urinary tract infection, or any other diagnosed infection can create chaos in your entire ecosystem. One of the side effects of antibiotics is that they destroy the healthy bacteria in your cookie, and in turn, encouraging the overgrowth of yeast. To maintain a stable balance of the healthy bacteria when taking an antibiotic, consider a simultaneous intake of the probiotics supplement. Insist on probiotics supplements that contain lactobacillus – the dominating bacteria in the healthy vagina. Rather than pills, go for foods that contain good bacteria such as yogurt with live active cultures.

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From an infected partner

One of the things that many women are unaware of is the fact that yeast infections are contagious. Getting frisky, either orally, or via sexual intercourse, with an infected partner can make you contract a yeast infection. However, transmission of yeast infection, sexually, from a man to a woman mostly happens when the guy is not circumcised. At times, having much sex with an uninfected partner can cause the infection as it interferes with the normal flora and pH of the vagina. Always remember to urinate right after sex.

Wearing the panty liners on a daily basis

A good number of women have been made to believe that panty liners promote proper hygiene as far as their vaginas are concerned. However, you are doing yourself a great disservice by using them daily. Panty liners discourage free flow of air in the vagina, a happening that promotes a warm and moist environment which forms the perfect environment for the incubation of yeast. Avoid regular usage of panty liners and most importantly, invest in the right size of cotton underwears.

Poor diet

If your yeast infections have become recurrent, and you have eliminated all the regular causes of yeast infections, you may now want to evaluate your diet. Is your diet comprised prolonged intake of sugary foods? If yes, this is the origin of your problem. A high sugar diet puts you at risk of chronic yeast infections. The sugar causes the multiplication of the Candida yeast which over time overwhelms the good bacteria in your vagina. You just need a simple dietary change to help you keep the excess sugar off your system.

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