Enjoy Double Penetration By Means Of Sex Toys And Double Partners

Sexual pleasure can be enjoyed by means of double penetration too. You can achieve it by means of sex toys and double partners. Women, who have tried this act, find it pleasurable because there are many nerve endings, which are shared between the anus and the walls of the vaginal opening. It is also suggested to do vaginal penetration first which must be followed by the anal insertion.

In short, you can call it as a DP. It is an appropriate option for a woman who wants both the vagina and anus to be stimulated at the same time. There are varied options available to you to do this act such as with a finger and a toy, with fingers in both orifices, and a penis and a toy. If you are beginner, it is better to opt for toys and fingers. Apart from this, they may also need a warm-up, more effort and practice. At the beginning, don’t try to insert large object into the anus.

Applying lubricant

Use lubricant to make a comfortable and easy penetration. Don’t just apply them to the external part, but even try to lubricate the interior walls of the vagina and anus. If you apply the lubrication, you will not feel much pain while indulging with double partners. If you are going to use a sex toy, make sure whether it is made out of flexible material.

Relaxation of muscles is a must

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Relaxation of muscles is important to make the act more pleasurable. The muscles that are present in the anus automatically start contracting when you insert any object or penis. Beforehand, you can perform oral sex or fingering to excite the muscles. By doing this way, you can enjoy deep penetration.

Double partner and safety measures

It will definitely excite a woman to have two guys perform this act. It is good to use condoms while inserting in the anus region. Do not allow the guys, who have inserted the penis in the anus into the vagina. There are chances for bacteria entering the vaginal opening from the anus and it may lead to some kind of infection. If you do not lubricate properly, there are higher risk of condom breaking and infection.

The women can also have some pills to protect themselves. It is good to test the guys, who are going to indulge in it as a precautionary measure. In order to enjoy anal sex without much discomfort, you can lube the fingers of your boyfriend and ask him to insert into the anus.


Once you have got hold of the method, you can enjoy exclusive stimulation. If there is any kind of discomfort during the action such as blood or intense pain, it is better to discontinue penetration. While pulling out the penis or toys, do it very gently. Sometimes sudden exit will make the muscles around the anus to tense up and it spasms than usual.

Soon after the act, the woman will tend to go to the washroom because they cannot resist the urge. You should also keep one thing in mind that anal sex is not a reliable form of contraception. Recent studies have indicated that about 8% of couple gets pregnant through this act.

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