Factors Affecting Women In Reaching An Orgasm Through Sexual Pleasure

An orgasm is a sensation of strong sexual satisfaction, which occurs at the time of sexual activity. It is otherwise called as climaxing or coming. Orgasms are common for both men and women. Generally, men do not face much problem in achieving the climax, but it is not the same case with women. Many women really have a tough time in reaching orgasm and some never experience it.

Factors affecting women

When a woman faces the trouble in reaching orgasm, it is the responsibility of his partner to make her comfortable and help her to reach the climax. This kind of disorder is called as Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD). The reasons behind this problem are a combination of psychological and physiological issues.

The following are the psychological reasons for which women face the trouble of having orgasms.

  • Cultural and religious values about sex
  • Emotional exploitation
  • Panic about getting pregnant
  • Past experiences of sexual abuse or molestation or rape
  • Feeling guilty about sex
  • Depression and other mental health disorder
  • Emotional problems with the partner

The physiological reasons are:

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  • Damage or removal of female genitals like clitoris
  • Damage of nerves in the pelvic region
  • Side effects of the medicine

Ways to get your orgasm

Orgasm is a feeling which should be felt by both the partners and the male partner should help his counterpart to achieve an orgasm. In case the female partner is not getting the orgasm during the intercourse then he can think of other alternatives to give the sexual pleasure. The alternative which can help the woman are masturbation or usage of sex toys.

A good environment is very important to relax and enjoy the act of sex with your partner. Initially a man should please the woman with his love and romance. The man can do kissing, cuddling and caressing to arouse the woman and make her comfortable about the sexual activity. Many women like their breasts to be caressed through which they can reach climax. The other way is stimulation of the clitoris, which is usually liked by the female.

The alternate natural method is by giving her oral sex, which most women expect from their partner. The use of vibrators or other sex toys are suggested, when the natural methods are not of any help. The man should make her to reach the climax by stimulating or other methods even if he cums before her.

How it can be treated?

This type of disorder is treated with a combination of sex education, counseling and psychotherapy. It can be cured if both the partners are treated with proper guidance and required sex therapy. Many doctors suggest yoga and relaxation techniques as part of healing, as sex is enjoyed best when the mind is relaxed and calm. Some of the experts encourage the woman for Kegel exercises, which strengthens the genital area muscles.

The effective way of treating a woman whose problem is related to past sexual encounters and emotional and cultural abuse is by using conventional psychotherapy along with the sex education. This can also help in resolving the tension in a relationship, which indirectly is one of the reasons for FOD.

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