Find The G-Spot To Enjoy Ultimate Sexual Pleasure

The G - spot is a sensitive area found on the path of the vaginal canal. Many people wonder what G-spot is and don’t know if it exists. This spot is named after a German gynecologist, Ernest Greenberg, who found this exciting spot. It produces intense sexual pleasure than any other thing, in women. This zone is capable of producing powerful orgasms.

Journal of sexual medicine has no much proof that states the existence of such spot. Many of them suggest that it is an imaginatory spot and has been advertised by sex therapists and magazines. It is good for the male partner to understand the female sexuality and sexual arousal, before having intercourse.

What is a G-spot?

The G-spot is composed of sensitive tissues and it looks like a bean. It is about the size of a quarter, and the spot is somewhat rougher than the other parts. The male partner must learn the techniques to master the woman’s G-spot to enjoy the sex to the fullest. It is exactly spotted two inches back from the vaginal canal.

You must lie on your back, so that it will be easy for your finger to penetrate into the vagina. If it is difficult for you to find, but you can explore it along with your partner. At the same time, you must make sure that your nails are clipped and buffed. Once your partner has reached that spot, you will able to feel the sensation.

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How to find the G-spot?

She might be able to find the spot alone, as it located on the anterior wall of the vagina. Fingering is the best way to find it and use mild pressure while doing so. When you insert your finger into the vaginal opening, you can feel the front wall which is located just below the pubic bone.

You can explore the G-spot around this area. Specially designed sex toys are available in the market for the stimulation of G-spot. If you are very much interested in exploring it, you can buy one.

There are different types of orgasm, which can arouse a woman. Some of them have reported that sensation of this place is different from other types. It is also termed as the gateway of the sexual evolution. Understanding the body is important to experience the pleasure and for enhancing the sex life with your partner. The G - spot is not the only means of sexual stimulation, so there is no need to worry if you are not getting the spot correctly. Other means of stimulation like kissing, cuddling can help you to achieve the real pleasure.

Tips for G-spot stimulation

It has been found that 20 to 30 percentage of female are able to experience ejaculation with the stimulation of this G-spot. It is another way to enjoy sexual pleasure. Love making between you and your partner is important to enjoy sex life.

Before your partner starts stimulating the spot, it is necessary to satisfy her clitoris stimulation. You will be aroused and lubricated and it is easier for your partner to reach that place. You must also find out the most comfortable position to experience the pleasure. It is also said that prolonged foreplay will aid to have a strong orgasm.

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