Find The Sources That Draw The Attention Of Your Man

Brand new sex moves turn on your partner, which may intensify the action between both of you. Men get stimulated by seeing hot visuals and others may need a little more action. You can get lots of ideas from a sex expert about how to pull your man into the bed. You can watch a DVD but not necessarily have to be a porn movie. Search on the internet for some good romantic movies like Body Heat, Basic Instinct and Bull Durham. Get ideas from these steamy sessions and have a wonderful party with him tonight.

Know about the foods that turn him on

There is a lot of connection between sex and food. The food has the power to arouse the sexual appetite of a person. Some of the food items that you can have before the act are strawberry, cinnamon buns, buttered popcorn, oysters, cabbage and black beans. The minerals and vitamin found in these items make a man to get aroused easily. Some food items that are termed as sex stimulators are:

  • Tomatoes - This has more nutritional value and helps a man get aroused.
  • Chocolates – the aroma and sweetness present in it also contribute to this act.
  • Oyster - Zinc content in this is responsible for increasing the testosterone levels.

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Try making new and tasty dishes with these items and have wonderful sex all night.

Being more sexy

Most of them see a decline in the sex life after a few years. You need new techniques and ideas to cherish your love. For that, you can pull the attention of your man towards you by being sexy. If sexual intimacy between you and your partner is lacking then, you both can sit and talk about it. Indulge in more foreplay, so that you may be aroused before the sexual activity.

Learn various sensual massage techniques, so that you can surprise him and it brings out the hidden pleasure. Massaging his genitals is important because it is termed as the sensitive area of the man. Walk around the house and bedroom in sexy underwear like lacy underwear and stilettos. If your man loves naughty talks, whisper in his ears how sexy you are feeling about him. You can do this while you are outside, just to tell him that you still love him.

Express your love

Don’t just have sex in the bedroom you can have it wherever you feel like. During the morning hours the level of testosterone is high, so it is the apt time to indulge in sexual activity. Express the love that you have on him, whenever you get time. Give him a hug before going and while coming back from the office. Whenever he does something which you like appreciate him by kissing on his cheeks and lips.

Always don’t just run behind your work, give some time for your partner too. Just go out for a dinner and for long romantic walks. It is one of the best ways to share your feelings with one another. Kissing passionately on the sensitive areas and blow job will make your man roll over with you on the bed.

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