Get Treated To Minimize The Effect Of Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infection is caused due to bacterial infection and is much common in women. Proper medication and treatment will cure this issue within 6 months time. Most of the infections are not serious in nature, as it just causes a burning sensation and pain while urination. Even when it is treated, there is a possibility that it might recur again thus causes immense frustration.

Sexual intercourse is another reason that causes this problem in women. During the sexual activity the vaginal opening is massaged with the urethra. The bladder is made up of muscles and it stretches to hold the urine. It contracts automatically when the urine is released.

Don’t wait for a long period of time to urinate as it stretches the bladder beyond its threshold position. It weakens the muscles and increases the risk of urinary tract infection.

Symptoms of urinary infection

Usually urine does not contain any bacteria. The germ that is present outside the body enters the tract and causes inflammation. Types of urinary infections are:

  • Cystitis (Bladder)
  • Pyelonephritis (Kidney)
  • Urethritis (Urethra)

Some of the common symptoms that you could notice are:

  • You bleed while urinating
  • Urine leakage during coughing and sneezing
  • Abnormality in the color of the urine
  • Pain around the pelvic and abdomen region
  • Experiencing pain, while urinating
  • If there is a foul smell, when you urinate.

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It is a common type of infection as 1 out of every 5 women suffers from this. Urethra of the female lies close to the anus, which is the breeding ground for E. coli bacteria. This affects grown up adults and they should get treated to avoid the spread of the infection.

Steps to reduce the effect of the urinary tract infections

You can follow some simple techniques that will prevent the spreading of this infection. This type of infection causes the urinary tract, which is quite irritating. Follow these steps:

  • You must wipe the front and back side of your private area, with a soft tissue after bowel movement and urination. In this way you can prevent the bacteria present in anus from spreading all over the urethra and vagina.
  • After the intercourse, it is good to empty your bladder to prevent bacterial infection
  • Drinking plenty of water will aid to dilute the urine and also in flushing the bacteria from the body
  • Don’t use perfumed sprays to dry the vagina and also avoid using powders and douches around the genital area.
  • Always urinate once in every two hours. Keeping the urine in the bladder for a long time also contributes to this problem.

How to diagnose the problem?

You must visit the specialist to diagnose the problem, which will be helpful to find out the real cause of the issue. First, your urine sample will be tested in the lab to look for bacteria, red blood cells, and white blood cells. The urine culture test is done to detect the type of the bacteria. For severe cases the doctor may ask the patient to take following tests such as ultrasound, cystoscopy, CT scan, and intravenous pyelogram.

If you are suffering from recurrent urinary infection, then the doctor may perform cystoscopy tests on you. A thin tube with a special lens is inserted into the bladder and urethra.

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