Having Orgasms During Pregnancy Does Not Traumatize The Baby

Many of the women keep away from sex once they are pregnant. Although they may feel discomfort during early pregnancy it is due to the hormonal changes and the uterus growth. You can continue to enjoy your sex life as before and have orgasms and the baby in the stomach will not be traumatized by this action.

The uterine muscles and amniotic sac will protect the developing baby from any kind of discomfort. Some of them may feel extra kicking post orgasm due to increased circulation, but it is not an alarming issue.

Precautions to be taken during Pregnancy

It is good to use condoms during intercourse, if your partner is affected by sexually transmitted infection. Exposure to infection during pregnancy will affect the health of the baby. Most of the women have a wrong notion that orgasms during pregnancy will cause premature labor. The uterine contraction that occurs during that time differs from the contractions at the time of labor. It is safe to have contact and it does not lead to any premature birth.

You can have sex throughout your pregnancy and it is also good to be cautious during that time. The doctor may suggest the couple to avoid sex, if they have following medical conditions:

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  • Vaginal bleeding happens during pregnancy period
  • If there is any leakage of the amniotic fluid
  • The cervix begins to open prematurely
  • If your previous pregnancy is a premature one
  • The placenta is completely or partly covered

You must also share your concern with your partner, if there is any difficulty or discomfort during intercourse. You can also indulge in other type of sexual pleasure such as cuddling and kissing.

Comfortable position during pregnancy

You must also find a comfortable position, so that you will not have any problem during the intercourse. Some of them prefer other pleasurable alternatives such as mutual masturbation. The woman on top is the preferred position. In that position, the women will not feel the added weight on the abdomen and the depth of the penetration will also be controlled. Both you and your partner can opt for other comfortable positions too.

The sexual desire is more in women during pregnancy due to the increased blood circulation in the cervical part. If your doctor has advised not to have contact with your partner, then express your love and affection in other ways. You can spend more time together and take him for a long romantic walk. Try to have at least one supper together to enjoy more intimacy.

Effect after orgasms

Some of the women may experience pain or cramping after having an orgasm because of the production of the progesterone hormone in the body. If there is consistent pain in the abdomen then it is advised to consult your obstetrician. When you are nearing 37th week, contraction in the uterus starts and the doctor may ask the couple to avoid sex during that time. You can continue to have intercourse from the time you conceive until childbirth, if your partner is comfortable.

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