Lying About Sexual Abilities Of Your Man Will Not Help In Enhancing His Abilities

Some men face very disappointing and embarrassing moments in their sex lives. Reasons for this are that they are over excited in bed, it is the first time they involved in sex or they feel pressurized to perform great with sexual insecurities. All this will kill the fun when you don’t showcase your skill of lovemaking. You might know different types and different tricks, but when it comes to the actual performance you need to be calm and relaxed.

In many cases women don’t express their men’s inabilities to them, even at the moments when the man is trying hard to please a woman and fails to do so. Women generally do not open their mouth, as they do not want to put their partner down, especially when in bed. According to the experts’, a man does not really like to be heard about his non performance in lovemaking sessions. In order to make him confident and boost his enthusiasm, you can follow the below mentioned tips:

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  • Maintaining the atmosphere light will allow him to think better ways to please you. Even during the bloopers, make sure that you remain calm and relaxed. You can take the moment very positively and act naturally. Reacting or over doing it while lovemaking will make your partner more nervous. Make him comfortable by mourning and passing some naughty on comments.
  • If you feel that he is rushing up things and you do not like it, then politely ask him to relax and gently kiss him to start all over again. Guide him while he is fondling your body by taking his hands and sliding at the points where he should be actually feeling you. Let him have a feel of every inch of your body. In spite of this, if he is hurrying up, then let him go ahead and get fully excited.
  • Tease him with your fingers or hands and make him do the same to you, while you talk about how his moves arouse you.
  • Explore his body parts, even if he is hiding them under a blanket or pillow. You could make him feel good this way. However, if he shows disinterest, then its best you do not force yourself on him.
  • Most of the men are conscious about their penis size, and thus it would be better you do not talk about it to him. It does not even work the other way around, if you praise his penis size too often than needed, as he might think you are lying or being sarcastic.

One of the most successful formulae about the happy and satisfactory sex life is to boost the sexual confidence within him. Men will always be thinking about tricks and means to use in the bed, in order to satisfy their partner. You need to understand the fact that there is no one 100% perfect in this world. Each one of us has our own weaknesses and strengths.

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