Understanding What Needs To Be Done To Enjoy Sex When You Are On Top

Erectile dysfunction has become one of the major problems among most of the men and they are having an unsatisfactory sex life. According to the s-experts, the erectile dysfunction may be seen in different forms and occasions. Some people will have this issue all the time, some face this when they wear condoms, some people have during certain positions or if some do not have the control over sexual urge.

If your man is face erectile dysfunction during any position, which you love the most, then you could take some precautions to avoid it. In most of the cases women want to be on the top, but cannot ride him, as her man face erectile dysfunction in this position. This is a typical issue which many of women face during the sexual intercourse.

Generally, everyone likes to enjoy the sex in various positions. If your partner is losing his tightness in certain positions then you need to understand that he is not comfortable in it. This results in the loss of control over the sexual intercourse. It is seen that men always want to ride their women from the back, and if this does not happen, then he might lose his control on the erect penis.

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It is noticed that many of the men face difficulty in getting or sustaining erectile power with a condom. In order to come out of this issue make sure you try different types of condoms. This will make your man feel comfortable and he will be able to deliver his best. Try with a thinner condom or a ribbed one, which will make him feel more sensation during the sexual intercourse.

You can try different kinds of condoms until you arrive at some particular one that makes you both comfortable. Another, most important factor that contributes in the successful sexual intercourse is the position. Yes, you heard it right. If your partner is losing erectile power in certain position, then try with different positions and arrive at one which is convenient and comfortable for both of you.

There are different kinds of positions and movements, which can be arousing for both of you. While you are trying different positions, it is best to discuss how you feel about it and what it does to you. This will increase the confidence in both of you and result in satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Most important thing, which needs to be remembered, is that you should never give up. There may be instances, where your partner may not like the position you are comfortable with, but you need keep exploring a common position, which will enhance your experience each time you are in bed.

Apart from all the above mentioned practices, make sure you and your partner eat the nutritious food. Yes, your health is what can really contribute to better sex life. There are many kinds of food items which help in boosting your sexual health and add stamina. Make sure you are taking enough vitamins and minerals, in order to keep your spirits high.

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