4 Things That You Shouldn’t Do In Bedroom

There are dozens of tips that talks high on improving your sexual life and tells you what shouldn’t be done in bedroom. As every man takes care of his partner, women should also take care of few things that might annoy them. Things are quite clear and understood when said, but you still mess up things in bedroom, though unintentionally.

There is a price for every mistake, so don’t commit them as they can wreck your relationship. Women tend to do something wrong, may be because they are not aware of the fact. Though not all the wrong things can cost you your guy, but why would you take that risk.

Following are the tip for things not to be done in Bedroom:

Control your Excitement:

Quite a few guys love spanking, but not many prefer it, as a surprise. With high excitement level, it becomes a bit tough to control your ecstatic movements. Love bites and spanking becomes quite common. Such a move is not appreciated, especially when it is not expected at all. You might startle him and divert his concentration.

Don’t at all try them, when you are totally unaware of his likes and dislikes. It might backfire on you and might kiss his mood to indulge into a tiring and erotic sexual performance. Instead seek his permission and then go ahead with the act.

He Doesn’t Like Different Names:

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Girls, calling your partner by weird names are one of the biggest mistakes that you make in bedroom. Well, he is standing there in front of you, fully charged and excited thinking about the next adventure ahead and you call him something like daddy. Common, who wouldn’t be upset?

We agree, you girls are sensitive and don’t mean to annoy anyone especially, when you are also charged up for an act. You certainly want to address your sweet and handsome partner with some weird name, but ensure that he is fine with it. The whole point here is not to do anything that will kill his desire.

Use the Lube:

Sounds strange, but it is true that girls too often forget about applying lube when giving a hand job or prior to having sex. When you are planning to have an animal sex, your vagina might not be sufficient. Instead of interrupting him in between, you can be well prepared for the act.

Not all guys are comfortable in asking their partners, when to use the lube. Before starting up with the act, you can keep a bottle handy, so you don’t waste much time in reaching it.

Forgetting to Spit:

When you are giving a blowjob to your partner, there are chances that his semen oozes out and gets into your mouth. Don’t do anything wrong that will upset both of you. Many wonder if there is something they could do, before such a situation arises. Don’t freeze up suddenly, if it happens, as you might kill his orgasm. You can keep a glass of water close to your bed, as you can easily spit it, if that happens.

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