How Can I Enjoy Sex With A Small Vagina?

Women having regular or several orgasms may find it absurd that there are many women, who never experience a climax. On the other hand, it is an agonizing reality for the females, who have truly never experienced one. Luckily, there is help just around the corner for women, who desire to take pleasure in attaining sexual satisfaction, after an orgasm.

Question: For the last six months I and my husband have seldom had sex. I had been to the OB/GYN, who told me to purchase dilators as a precaution because my vaginal sector is small. Dilators will be helpful in preventing tear or rip inside my vagina, during sex. However, sincerely speaking I have never had any damage nor enjoyed sex with him. We discuss it frankly and earnestly about this issue. Moreover, it does not please me in any way and on top of that my husband brags that ‘males never experience bad sex’.

As a dutiful Christian wife, help me to find ways to enjoy sex and attain an orgasm that has never occurred.

Consult your doctor

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Ask your OB/GYN for a clarification about – Do you have a very small vagina? Is your cervix at an angle, making your G-spot tough to reach? There are many ideas that can be suggested by your doctor to help. If the path leads to nowhere, you can knock on the door of a reliable sex therapist. They can help you get back on the ideal sex life track. With their help, you can open up and determine both the physical as well as the psychological causes that are holding you back in attaining an orgasm.

Attempt new ways

Females, who admit that they have never climaxed, disclose that they have not masturbated or tried out any other sexual position besides missionary, during their sexual encounters.

  • To begin with, masturbation is considered as the best way to know your body and identify how you love to be stroked and what makes you feel good. Relax, while touching yourself and this will help you to guide your partner during the actual encounter to attain a climax.
  • If you use missionary positions regularly then it is a good idea and attempt new positions. This can help you to figure out, what works the best. Many women love the on top position. In this way, they get a chance to control the pace and intensity of penetration. Simultaneously, they attain clitoral friction, which makes them reach orgasm speedily and forcefully. Dozens of positions can be tried. Talk it out frankly with your partner about these changes you desire to do, who will doubtlessly agree.
  • Incorporate sex toys to enhance your foreplay. Have him try oral sex with you, which is a wonderful way of attaining satisfaction.

The main thing is to experiment. Never continue to perform the same sexual positions that have never rewarded you, in a hope that you will achieve it someday. Blend it, attempt new ways and see the results. If you discover a triggering position or a toy then make use of it over and over again. Testing and attempting new moves in your bedroom are part of a strong sexual relationship!

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