How To Make Sex Enjoyable For Women?

Women, who lack self-awareness and confidence, find it challenging to tell their guys what they actually desire in bed. Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the reasons for the failure of many relationships.

There is a belief that a guy can read his girl’s mind and automatically recognize her bedroom needs. Men can probably find out which moves please you, but this skill can only be attained by an enthusiastic and incredible lover. Nevertheless, not every woman is lucky to be bonded with an extraordinary man, who is skilled in the erotic arts. For experiencing outstanding sex, you need to identify what triggers you and appreciate this movement, when it is offered.

Bear in mind the following tips:

Clear your thoughts

During a sexual encounter, being insecure about things will distract you and you will be sidetracked from the sexual pleasure. Therefore, it is sensible to clear your thoughts bothering you before engaging in libido. For instance, if you are always disturbed about how you stink down there then it is best to have a shower always before participating in the act. If you are anxious that you may pee accidentally during G-spot stimulation then it is better to go to the bathroom, before commencing the love session.

Recognize your triggers

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If you are unaware of your triggers, then how will you guide him in doing things that bring you utmost pleasure? Several females find it difficult to figure out their activators compared to males, it is extremely easy to discover what turns a guy on. You can have fun in finding out what sets you off, for example you can rent some porn videos to note down your visual reaction. Additionally, invest in some romance novels, dirty magazines or even sex toys. Some self-exploration will be needed because unlike males it is somewhat unclear to find out what turns on a female. Once you locate your triggers, experiment with your guy in bed!

Remember that males are not telepathists

In fact, males are ignorant about your triggers. Communication is the best way that can direct you to your orgasm swiftly. So, if you are aware of what sets you on then don’t shy away, but tell him and gain more pleasure.

Be precise

Communication is the key that helps you to maximize your enjoyment in the bedroom. Therefore, it is best to recognize yourself as well as communicate with him frankly. Thus your bonding gets enhanced with an intimate communication. For example – if he is licking you then tell him precisely how you desire to be sucked and where.

Take responsibility of your own climax

Don’t be reliant on him to bestow an orgasm, but take charge of your own climax. Show him the way to help you peak, but the swiftest way to achieve an orgasm is to assist yourself. It is not wrong but both of you will be satisfied and happy in the end. During an intercourse, clitoral stimulation can be applied, but remember that all the sex positions are not great for self-stimulation. Woman on top is the best position that helps clitoral stimulation easily.

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