How To Talk To Him About His Sexual Performance?

During sexual encounter, you may experience certain barricades regarding your partner’s or your anatomy and how they team up sexually will be revealed. It may be challenging on your part to talk about the movements that you consider being good and those which you don’t?

Question – Sometimes I have a feeling that my husband is not aware of what he is doing. It is difficult for me to discuss about this sex stuff and things like lubes and condoms, how do I speak with him?

- Tasha, NY

Recognize yourself first

The initial step to be taken by you in discussing your pleasing points is to get to know your own triggers. Masturbation can be used to learn the sensuous spots and the way to be caressed. In addition, you also get to know what doesn’t please you. Once you recognize your anatomy’s comfort zones, you can surely assist your guy to discover the pleasing spots.

Males have fragile egos

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Enlightening him how you love to be sexually touched, especially if he is doing it differently can be daunting. The actual fact is that men have frail egos that get damaged easily, especially when it is about their sexual skills. Making an attempt to discuss these things with him can easily fasten your voice getting you nowhere, since you are terrified to hurt him emotionally.

It is a good thought because you are scared of hurting his feelings by criticizing his sexual moves. This can easily trigger an inadequate feeling or he can even blame himself for being useless in bed. This doesn’t mean that you have to recoil from having a conversation as well as stop enjoying the sexual experience with him, just to protect his feelings. Nevertheless, you will have to find a different way to talk about this stuff.

Avoid criticism

The first thing that will damage his ego and disturb him will be, when you make allegations about his sexual performance. It is significant to be supportive instead of being critical. Never tell a male his wrong moves, but suggest trying something new. When he hits the sensuous spot let him know about it! Appreciate him vocally, which will definitely be rewarded.

Several females make a blunder by not changing their vocal tones or body language in spite of what they feel good about and what things make them feel uncomfortable. Be patient and give him time to understand your likes and dislikes based on your responses. The difference between your mild ‘ooh’ and sensuous ‘OOH’! Undoubtedly, he will continue to do things that excite you the most, which will offer you utmost pleasure.

Make it enjoyable

If you desire to discuss with him regarding lubes, sex toys and other sex stuff, but are troubled to do so then make it somewhat funny. For example – you can plan a shopping tour together to buy these things or browse them on the internet, comfortably from home. Draw his attention to things you like and also ask him his preferences. In this manner, a lot of things can be learned about each other. Knowing one another intimately will be helpful in rocking each other’s world!

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