Information Regarding Pre-Cum, Semen, Sperm And Unprotected Sex

Talking about sex was prohibited in the past and is still spoken low. Despite of the fact that the society is developed people are scared to talk openly about it. Movies, TV shows, music, and internet has boosted sex education to an entirely new echelon and you hear songs relating to nudity and booty.

Elders don’t prefer to talk about sexual libido and there are some who talk a little about it. It is time to rise above and discuss with young ones the benefits and disadvantages of sex. With better knowledge they will be equipped to take the right decision, when it comes to sex with anyone.

Question – My girl offers me hand jobs and blowjobs. Every time we do this, a white sticky stuff emerges first and after some time cum comes out. Can you explain why this stuff comes out of me?

Pre-cum, sperm and semen

Many girls are still unaware of pre-cum, semen and sperm and desire to know about them.

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Pre-cum – During penile stimulation a lucid white, thin and sticky liquid drips from the penis head in small amount before the actual ejaculation, and is called as pre-cum. A live sperm is found in pre-cum, but in a considerably small amount than the genuine semen.

Semen – It is a thick, whitish fluid that is forced out of the penis head during ejaculation. Millions of sperms are present in this semen.

Sperm – Sperms are living organisms that are carried within the pre-cum and semen. Live sperm gets attached to the woman’s egg and a fetus is conceived.

What makes a Girl Pregnant?

Both semen and pre-cum contain sperm. Unprotected sex with no condom can make a girl pregnant, even before the guy ejaculates. The penis is similar to a loaded gun. Several females have a belief that allowing an intercourse without condom is safe provided that the male exits her vagina, before ejaculation and does it away from her vagina. This is safer than permitting him to ejaculate inside you, but does not protect you against pregnancy. Sperm is capable to travel out anytime and allowing a penis without a condom within the surrounding area of your vagina is certainly precarious of conceiving.

Never take a chance! Allowing him to just rub his penis outside the vagina unprotected can transmit sperms. They are also known as ‘little swimmers’. Remember to have protected sex using a condom, because it is not only a popular birth control method, but also protects you from contracting STD’s. Discuss with a health provider about other birth control methods that can be followed, It is necessary that you have sex with a loyal and monogamous guy who is free from STD.

Which ones can transmit STD’s?

You have a test report saying that your guy is 100% free from STD, but are you sure he is loyal to you and has not had sex with anyone since the test was last done. This is one of the important questions that you should ask yourself always. Be cautious and concerned about STD’s because you do not want your guy’s fluid coming in contact with your mouth, vagina, open cuts, or sores on your body. Penis must be treated as a tool that can make you pregnant or transmit STD. So be smart and play safe!

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