Men’s Craving For The Three Dirty Sex Activities

Every male yearns for dirty sex. However, several feel embarrassed to ask their partners to perform certain moves in bed. They fear that their partner may judge them wrong or feel offended. Nevertheless, these hesitant guys still hunger for naughty things, even if they feel terrified to request for it. Go ahead tonight and spice your sexual life by predicting your guys taboo things and offer him dirty sex.

Ejaculate in your face or mouth

Your guy must have watched porn videos that display some variations in oral sex activity. Since then he spends plenty of time visualizing scenes about ‘cum on face’ and ‘cum in the mouth’. This scene he desires to attempt during having sexual encounter with you. Several women feel offended by this very idea of swallowing male sperm. Furthermore, may feel disrespected at the notion of you spraying semen over her face. However, if he cannot fulfill these fantasies with you then, where else would he go?

Stash his trouble of asking him to ejaculate in your mouth. Surprisingly, he may ask you, why you feel to do it this time. Simply say you desire to savor him in an intimate way.


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Your skin around the anus is very sensitive, which stimulates the moment your guy licks this region, during oral sex. The thin skin surrounding the anus is called perineum. It is the thinnest skinned section around your pubic region. It is that part of a female skin that stretches most during libido.

Suppose you felt all kind of enjoyable sensations, when he caresses that region. Thus you should be aware of the fact that it is the same for him. However, several women feel disgusted at the idea of having to lick their partner’s anus, so males generally never ask.

While you are doing a blowjob, slide down and don’t lessen your pace. This will take him by surprise or even get shocked with your bold actions but after some time of analingus the bliss will overwhelm him. For intensifying the sensation glide your tongue around his anal sphincter.

Anal sex

Your guy must have performed anal sex on you, but the point is that have you returned this favor. He may desire to get a rimming from your tongue or have your finger inside his ass but hesitates to ask you. First get your fingers doing the rimming job appropriately then proceed with exploring the anal region using tongue and fingers. Nevertheless, prepare for facing resistance because he may not have tried it before and may feel like he is getting dishonored.

This act may display certain signs of detest, because it feels like a ‘gay’ thing but jog his memory that a female is performing it on him and he should not feel that way. So, it is better to discuss anal sex and his comfort-level, before proceeding. Males need to get prepared mentally and physically before commencing into this activity.

There are several females, who are experts at performing anal sex effortlessly but they recoil from doing it because these actions are factually ‘dirty’. One possible way is to try it under the shower or in the bath-tub.

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