When One Of You Is Willing To Make Love But The Other One Isn’t

It is early morning. He is in the perfect mood, due to the impact of high testosterone level. Hence, he initiated his moves, and soon jumped into having an early morning sex which probably you don’t like much. It goes on, even if you have no interest for the same, and you are worried about the delayed morning routine. It’s not only that you haven’t enjoyed it, but you have also decided that if he asks for this the next time, you would simply deny.

Unsynchronized sex life has been one of the major issues with most relationships, besides libido mismatch, trust issues etc. Good news is, with a little concern in this context and with a little flexibility, you guys can easily avoid this and can enjoy a well synchronized sex life.

By The Time You Spread the Bed-sheet He Falls Asleep

This of course has been one of the most usual issues in the sex lives of numerous couples these days. They have been leading a hectic lifestyle. Tired men when return back to their homes, after sometime, they prefer being lost in a sound sleep. You wished to spend some pleasurable moments with him, but by now he is in no position to address your desires.

Well as per Dr. Herbenick, PhD and research scientist at University of Indiana, the solution to this is quite simple. You just need to go to bed earlier, when you both are still left with some energy. What more would it cost you than mere skipping few episodes of your daily soaps, which you may easily watch when it is repeated.

You Get Frisky During Those Days of the Month but the Flow Turns Him Off

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Again, this is yet another usual issue with most couples. Your libido is high, you desire more and more, and you feel extra aroused, while your periods are on. However, due to the blood flow, he prefers to avoid making love then.

Does that mean you need to compromise till it gets over, and let your desires be unfulfilled? No, rather you simply need to ease your partner into it. You may try making love while it’s the beginning or the end of the cycle, when you have a lighter flow. Even then, if he is still wary, you may always go for a menstrual cup. Now, your blood can easily go into it, and it will let your partner stay off.

Besides, you needn’t forget that you always have the alternatives like masturbation, anal sex etc. that can easily satisfy your urge without bothering your partner much.

Make-up Sex - He Prefers After a Fight but You Simply Can’t

They say, and even most men feel that a make-up sex soon after a fight between couples, is really beneficial. It lets you both get close and intimate all over again and soon you forget what you had few minutes ago.

The problem is, women can’t readily agree to sex then, since they can’t switch their mood so soon. Hence, you may tell him that you need some more time, and cuddle up with him, in such case.

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