Even Women Judge Their Male Sex Partner

Lovemaking is a wonderful feeling and both women as well as men would not like to miss an opportunity to enjoy the same. Just by having a look at someone, it becomes quite tough to tell if he/ she is equally charming, exciting, and wild in bed. Good looks, strong physique, and manners do not necessarily mean that he is a performer in bed.

You meet this guy at a party and he has all the features that you wanted your sex partner to have, but the question is how to find out his caliber and potentiality in bed. Quite a tough task, isn’t it? The simplest thing that you could do is admire him and his movements, especially when he is dancing on the dance floor or moving around.

Check him out:

If he is making a good hip movement, then there are chances that he can make fast intimate movements while in bed. Surprised? Dance is a physical activity that needs goods stamina and passion. Tuning in to different steps, means he is active and can perform or at least make you happy with the positions that you desire.

Grab the opportunity to become his dance partner, as it will give you enough time to be with him and feel the closeness of his body. You can make small moves that will intimate him about your desires and expectations. If you get a positive reply, then it is an indication that even he is in, to play the game of lovemaking.

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Try to rub your body against his and check out for his reaction. It is believed that women have a stronger sense than men do, to understand the capabilities of men in bed. They can judge their strength and capability through their grip. If both of you enjoy each other’s company on the dance floor, then there is quite a fair chance that you will have a great time in bed as well.

For women, the first kiss with a man means a lot. It tells how compatible and matured you are in terms of lovemaking. A passionate one indicates that he is equally crazy for you and desires to spend more time with you.

Kissing is an art, which is excelled with practice and experience. She can easily gage someone new who doesn’t have any kissing experience. The more passionate your kiss is better is your experience in bed.

Is he interested in you?

The way men ask questions to you, actually reveals what they have in mind. If your man is asking questions then it is a good sign. It indicates that he will take care of all your needs in bed and ensure that they are satisfied as desired by you. Women usually don’t like men, who merely talk about themselves, without even making an effort to know if they are interested in such topics.

They find such men quite annoying and disappointing. There are chances that such men, would only take care of their needs and desires, while on the bed and wouldn’t bother to check what your expectations are.

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