Know The Secrets Of Your Body To Enjoy Pleasurable Intimacy

Women also quite often think about sex, as men do, but don’t reveal the fact. They also enjoy watching and trying new things in bed, and dream about doing something new all the time. They don’t reveal this fact openly, but indicate them through actions or gestures.

Men and women who are single quite often lead a frustrated life. Finding a sex partner sometimes cannot be an easy thing, especially for women. Instead of directly approaching they send some signals to men, which indicate that they are interested in you. It is said that flirting is healthy, and is enjoyed by many.

As per experts, in order to attract men, women send 35 flirtatious signals per hour. Smart men would surely pay attention to one of the signals. Eye contact has been the oldest and most effective ways to attract your partner. It is known to be the most powerful ways of alluring men towards your naughty desires.

Stroking his arms, seductively tilting your head, and your body movements are some of the ways women make an attempt to attract their partners. There are ways through which you can let your partner know what is on your mind. Both women and men desire to enjoy powerful and erotic orgasm.

Check What Excites You

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Unless you know what position and sexual act excites, you will never be able to enjoy the whole act. Everyone has a switch on and off in their body, which drives their sexual desire and makes the experience quite divine. Women, spend time to know more about them or you wouldn’t be able to ever enjoy any act.

This is possible by feeling your body and understanding what excites it the most. Having better understanding about all these things, will not only increase your sexual libido, but also rock your intimacy moments.

If libido is an issue, then you can use oils and other products that will increase your potentiality. There is no harm in trying them, or to feel ashamed about it. Spend time with your partner and make an attempt to know his desires. As compared to men, women have many sex triggering points that will instantly turn her on.

Communication plays a key role here. You will not only get to know each other well, but you will also learn to enjoy sex. If there are some sensitive areas that you love to get pampered then guide him to play with it. Not many men love submissive women, so wholeheartedly reveal your desires and excitement.

They will enjoy performing those things for you, no matter whatever it might be. If massage turns you on, then let him know about it. Role play is the best way to excite your partner in bed. You can blindfold him and sensitively touch his body that will arouse him.

Then allow him to do the same thing to you. Similarly, spend time to understand his body, as it will help you to trigger his sexuality.

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