Talk To Him About Your Desires – He Will Love To Hear Them

Men no doubt, are physically stronger than women, but when it comes to emotional aspects they are quite weak. Being a woman, it is not an easy task to tell your man about his sexual inefficiency, as it will directly affect his ego and bring down his morale. No one would want to impact their sexual relationship, but they often ponder as to what could be the best way to put this point across to them, without hurting their ego at all.

You need to find a way out to resolve this issue, without causing any damage. Couples who often communicate their sexual desires, fantasies, and bedroom performance don’t face such serious issues. If you haven’t done that until now, then the question is how to start.

He loves Surprises:

Why don’t you surprise him by talking about something erotic, especially when he is not expecting it? Even a dirty act will convey him the message about what you have in mind. You can play an adult movie and watch it, without inviting him. Increase the volume, so as to attract his attention. If there is some position that you want to try with him then play it over and over again.

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He will surely understand your desire and his mind will start working on it. Dirty messages and talk are something that you can get indulged in on a regular basis. Choose the topics or lines that will let him know about your desires. In this way, he will be prepared to do something extraordinary in bed, once he comes back home from work.

Talk to Him:

Plan a day out with him and unwind the old things that you both enjoyed talking and doing together in bed. Then gradually reveal to him your new sexual desires. He will be surely excited to know more about them. Through your sex appeal create an urge in him to enter into you and explore you passionately, as he is doing so for the first time.

If you have planned to try something new in bed then you might be quite excited about it. As this is the first time, you are trying a new position there are chances that both of you are nervous and not confident about enjoying it. These are natural thoughts and are quite normal. If something isn’t working well, don’t hesitate to tell him.

He wouldn’t mind correcting the steps, as long as you both are going to enjoy it. Instead of bluntly telling him, you can guide him in the appropriate manner. This will give confidence and motivate him to perform it in and a better way.

Make an effort to ask your man about things that excites him in bed. Pamper him and give him a hand job, if that is what he prefers the most. Such things will not only improve your sexual relationship, but will ignite the lost passion in your life. Talking about these things can lead to matured talks and will give you an opportunity to know each other better.

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