Kissing Is A Magical Health Potion

Kissing is a non-verbal language that displays passion and affection towards your partner. This language is known all around the world. Smooching does not just convey love that enhances your bond, but also offers an array of health benefits.

Here are the top 10 benefits of kissing. Read it and remember to share it with your spouse.

Keeps teeth pearly-white:

Kissing provides natural benefits to your teeth. In fact the oral plaque breaks down, while kissing thus preventing cavities. In addition, saliva is created in abundance that cleans your mouth and eliminates the food particles that causes cavities, thereby preventing decay. Moreover, saliva has natural antibiotics that keep the bacteria at bay. Therefore, start kissing your partner daily and ignite your love as well as attain bright teeth.

Enhance Immunity:

According to medical hypotheses kissing increases the female’s immunity against Cytomegalovirus. This virus is spread through one mouth to mouth and can affect the woman during pregnancy. It is capable to cause birth defects or infant blindness. Cytomegalovirus only harms pregnant woman otherwise, it is quiet harmless and assists in strengthening the body defences.

Calorie Buster:

Kissing for at least one minute helps you lose roughly two to three calories. Remember to kiss intensely and burn down those extra calories. It also doubles up your rate of metabolism. Therefore, if you desire to cut off some fats without any hard work or strict diet charts, then plan ‘Kissing Diet’ program.

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Improves Cardiovascular Health:

When you kiss passionately a chemical or hormone called adrenaline gets released inside the body. Adrenaline elevates the blood circulation in your body. Thus, it helps to regulate your blood pressure and strengthens the health of your heart. So start smooching to maintain a healthy heart.

Stress reliever:

Had a bad presentation at work or feeling emotionally down, then a passionate kiss triggers the secretion of serotonin level and reduces the stress hormone, called cortisol. It enhances your mood by elevating endorphin levels, which make you feel good and happy. Therefore, instead of taking antidepressant medication, kiss your partner and be happy.

Calms and Promotes Pleasure:

Kissing boosts oxytocin levels, which is also popular as ‘love hormone’ that calms you. It also decreases pain via saliva, which has anaesthetic power. Additionally, dopamine also gets released that promotes pleasure.

Tones Facial Muscle:

Kissing action involves 34 facial muscles along with approximately 112 postural muscles of your body. Such an act perfects your facial muscles and makes them taut and toned. It also increases blood supply, which makes your face glows and keeps you young.

Kissing promotes togetherness, which strengthens your relationship. It is believed that couples, who kiss frequently live 5 years longer. This is an activity that makes you smile more. It affects your mental as well as oral health. It calms your anxiety and intensifies the experience of that moment.

According to anthropologist Helen Fisher kissing is described as ‘male assessment tool’. While kissing a person you can actually hear, see, and feel them. You can pick the most subtle feelings around the mouth including taste, smell, touch, and temperature.

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