Nine Techniques For Better Sexual Experience

Many things of your regular life can impact your sexual relationship and causes differences. Daily stresses at work, kids, responsibilities, and others things drifts off your relationship. A busy day often leaves you tired and devoid your motivation towards sexual life.

Role of a wife:

While in the bedroom keep the thought of supermom away, so that you can give 100 percent attention to your man. Don’t distract yourself by thinking about any other thing including your work and children. Remember, he genuinely can recognize whether you are physically and mentally with him or when you are making an attempt to shy away from sex.

Passionate side of sex:

Studies shows that married couples have better sex experience, in comparison to their crazy single friends. They are emotionally connected with their life partner that increases their sex quality and makes it gorgeous. Therefore, when you are with him focus on the relationship and the things you can do together.

Plan sex:

For a couple the most significant thing is to schedule their sex. It seems awkward that a married couple have to put sex on the calendar. However, along with hectic life duties scheduling help you to make sex happen, otherwise it attains less priority. Moreover, if you desire to make it crackle, set aside some time for affection and pleasure.

Set criticism aside:

Snap out any negative thoughts that will impact your relationship with him. Critical thoughts sabotage a female’s sex life. The only solution is to relax and be present in the moment. Blaming can hurt his feelings that can cause nervousness and defensiveness, because sex is a susceptible act. Therefore, make your bedroom criticism-free precinct.

Keep annoyance out:

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Conflicts among couples can lead to resentment feeling towards your partner, which can damage your marriage health. Never bring in the differences inside the bedroom or else your sex life will suffer. The best answer to this issue is to stop hurting yourself and attain a positive attitude to his views. Remember, he does not desire or plan to make your life miserable.

Take initiative:

Males always desire that their partners take the lead for sexual intimacy, sometimes. It makes them feel good as they love to know that they are wanted, preferred and desirable. Men like to feel that they are sexy. Therefore, if you desire for better sex than avoid being coy during sex and take initiative sometimes.

Never underestimate yourself:

It is a fact that men are visual creatures, but during sex they rarely look at the stretch marks or a little bouncy belly. Over concern about such appearance during sex can often dampen his mood. Therefore, avoid getting anxious about your looks during libido sessions.

Minimum conversation:

Conversation regarding shopping, grocery, kids, bills, or your current day deeds must not be brought up during libido. It ruins his mood, therefore save those topics when you are both decent and clothed. During libido include lots of dirty talk and murmuring sweet things. Therefore for better sex, keep minimum conversation before, during, and promptly after sex. Just curl up to him and enjoy that moment.


Sexual closeness is based on emotional intimacy, so think about foreplay. Even if you have thirty seconds you can send a hot text message to him or just a simple e-mail ‘I love you’. This will add fuel in the love sector. Sex is a procedure that involves conversation and gentle caresses before the actual actions.

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