Recover From Embarrassing Sexual Mishaps

Sometimes during the deed there can be awkward moments like clumsy maneuvering, the inevitable noise or an unexpected interruption. Mishaps happen and if it is a sexual one do not make it feel like the entire world is staring at you. Remember to overcome this minor glitch and get back into your mood.

Here are ways to bounce back from those most embarrassing moments.

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  • Fart in bed – You suddenly blow wind in a situation, where you are cuddled up with your partner.
  • How to deal – Cover the situation asking if you heard something and laugh over it. You can ignore it. Intimacy with your partner means that bodily sounds are included in the package.
  • Undesired suggestions – Maybe you are suggesting a role play or anal sex, which is something she is not at ease with. She may have a fantasy of her own, so be courteous towards it.
  • How to deal – You will just get the hint that she is hurt, so first thing is to apologize and play the card that ‘I am very happy with you’. Tell her that you respect her sentiments and will never ever desire to put her in an unwanted situation. This will suddenly change the ambiance and light her up.
  • Dirty topic – Your dirty fantasy talk during foreplay may have taken the triple-X mode, which is greeted by her questioning and horror-struck look.
  • How to deal – Rapidly make it look like you are playing a game by suggesting that, ‘It’s your turn to say the most weirdest and unsexy thing’. Just listen to whatever she says with a smile on your face. You have to compliment her of the on spot thought at any cost as you want to exit this situation as soon as possible.
  • It hurts…really! – Embarrassing situations like getting cramps at unfortunate time, tumbling from the bed together, butting heads badly that one of you get a bloody lip or crushing her strongly with your ass can be handled.
  • How to deal – Best solution is to laugh it off. Make her see that you are not Mr. Macho every time, especially when she is hilarious about the situation. You can say, ‘I fall over for you anytime’, ‘I can’t see anything when you are around’, when you’re around’ or ‘I get caught up, when you are about’.
  • Lubricant blunders – When the new lubricant backfires instead of spicing things up down there and it all starts to burn.
  • How to deal – It is good that you tried something new, even though this challenge failed you got a very perfect excuse of hopping under the shower together.
  • Name game – In the heated moment, you called the wrong name.
  • How to deal – In such situation, stay cool and give her slight cocky smile and again call her by another girl’s name. Follow up similarly and soon she will buy the story.
  • Poor timing – He climaxes immediately.
  • How to deal – It is a common scenario, so let it go because he is more embarrassed. Instead of criticizing him move on.
  • Super-mom – Being a parent you get surprising calls in the middle of an act.
  • How to deal – In precarious situation cover up and address the kid’s needs immediately and put him/her to sleep. Catch with the act later on from where you left.

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