Select The Best Kind Of Sexual Lubricant

It is difficult to find out the best female lubricant from the array available in the market, today. No wonder, it is like solving a tricky puzzle. Generally, females use personal lubes to evade vaginal dryness due to menopause, contraceptive pills, worry or other medications. Making use of a perfect lubricant in right amount can make a lot of difference between experiencing uncomfortable sex and pleasurable sex.

Several females do not have dry vagina depend on female lubricants for that little extra necessary for using sex toys. If lubes are not applied on sex toys then it can result in soreness or microscopic tears inside the vagina. Personal lubes also help to increase comfort level for men and women using condoms. The condoms are not lubricated on the outside, so it may seem like sandpaper, which is scratchy and rough during sex. On the other hand, due to excessive abrasion the condom can rip and expose oneself to the jeopardy of STD transmission.

Common kinds of personal lubricants are:

Water based lubricant:

It is best to use water based lubes during sex and while using prophylactics toys. It does not damage or weaken the prophylactic material of sex toys. It is not very slippery and can be washed off easily. However, water based lubes have to be re-applied often and are good for sensitive skins.

Silicone based lubes:

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They are not thick and are prophylactic protected. Silicone lubricants keep Them smooth and eve lasting. It does not get washed off easily in water, so is the best option for sex in the pool, under a shower, or during bath. However, cleaning up later is messy because it has to be washed with water and soap. It can also stain the bed-sheets. Several pleasurable products are produced from materials that are not compatible with silicone lubes, so avoid using them on sex toys.

Flavored lubricants:

You can attain zing from oral sex using flavored lubes. These lubricants are wonderful for dental sex. They can be used to perform foreplay because natural oils may not excite you but tasty lubes can turn out to be more pleasurable. It can be spread on the body including tummy, nipples, thighs or any other place you fantasize. Flavored lubes are available in appealing tastes including vanilla, strawberry, cola, mint and more.

Warm and cool lubes:

These add an extra spice to your sexual life. If you haven’t tried it ever, then think about doing it now. This warm and cool lubricant creates some enjoyable sensuous moments, which you will enjoy with your spouse. Warming up lubes or cooling down lubes offers a warm or cool tingling sensation when you climax.

Special lubricants:

If you are sensitive to a particular ingredient like paraben or glycerin, which has activated an inflammation in your vagina with yeast infection, then you can make use of special lubricants. Manufacturers have produced normal lubes that are water based devoid of glucose, paraben or glycerin. Females susceptible to yeast infections need to consult their physician before purchasing personal lubricant.

Rectal lubricants:

Oiling is necessary for pleasing rectal sex. Rectal lubes consist of benzocaine that numbs your rectal zone and makes penetration is easy.

Taking into consideration all your bedroom skills and techniques are totally meaningless, if there is pain during the bedroom act. So, it is time for lubing your special parts with the best sexual lubricant.

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