Ten Surprising Factors Affecting Sex Drive

Women skip libido for several reasons that includes stress, fatigue, poor body appearance, responsibilities, health issues, or deficiency of emotional intimacy. The percentage that defines low sex drive cannot be answered, because it varies from one woman to another. You will also have to address the less popular sex killers that can surprisingly affect your intimacy.

Menstrual cycle:

Female sex drive is higher during periods or around ovulation, because testosterone level increases. This hormone is liable for sexual satisfaction. Between the monthly cycles, testosterone ebbs and flows, which cause a rise and fall in their sex drive, ease to attain orgasm and force of orgasm.

Brain and mind:

Females are cerebral creatures, so if something does not appeal her mind then she may not have adequate interest in sex. However, in such situation if her man is capable to fascinate her then he surely succeeds in enhancing their sexual intimacy. Brain is a female’s potent sex organ, so if she is stressed then it dampens her mood. Even though her testosterone and estrogens levels are enhanced it takes time for a woman to get in the actual temperament of getting busy, therefore foreplay is essential.

Schedule differences:

Many couples are interested in morning sex because they feel relaxed and well-rested. Many say that sex is the last thing, when alarm goes off due to family responsibilities. This difference can be coordinated flexibly. Try to get intimate at different times during the day.


Many people are unaware that medications are liable to reduce their sexual interest. Antidepressants, blood pressure drugs, anti-inflammatory pills, and even oral contraceptives can trigger your sexual intimacy.

Furry pets:

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Kids are commonly popular to affect your sex drive, but even pets can hinder your closeness. Presence of a dog interferes in a couple’s sleep pattern that affects libido. If the dog has the habit of getting in bed then it alters your sexual interest. So, pet lovers can figure a way to sustain their nearness in spite of their furry Tommy.

Aphrodisiac - Everyone recognizes the effect of edible aphrodisiacs that are connected with romance. It is reported that females, who consume just a single chocolate cube regularly experience intensified orgasm than the ones who abstain from eating chocolate. The power of aphrodisiacs is known to be positive, since ages.

Electronic devices:

Smartphone’s actively entering your love den are incredibly harmful, because during the deed they can ring and cause distraction. When you are in the mood and do not want to answer it, the sound can disturb you. You cannot ignore the ringing.


Erotic movies can help you to build an ambiance, but watching sad films can disturb the mind and sexual activity. Watching scary or violent film can cause stress that in turn makes you feel disinterested in libido.


Romantic novels that are read at least thrice a week boosts sex drive and desire. You do not have time to think about sex because of hectic daily routine, so reading erotic books help to focus on intimate moments and changes your mood.

Physical fitness:

Physical exercise boosts self-confidence necessary for sexual sessions. Exercise increases good hormones like adrenaline that ramp your sex drive. It keeps you in shape mentally and physically.

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